Irish Times

The best part of traveling is the people you encounter. Some are just getting arrested on the plane, while others add colour to your life in other ways.

One night in Killarney, we decided it was time Dirk’s dad found his traditional Irish music. Finding a great pub, we grabbed our drinks and sat to enjoy the small three piece band. Unfortunately, the band ended less then an hour later leaving us wanting more. Heading out we come to another very busy bar with music pumping. Within maybe 5 seconds, Dirk’s dad and wife leave to find a quieter bar, Dirk and I stay behind for one drink. That was a good idea or we would have never met Kieren. After asking us where we were from (we always say Vancouver as everyone knows that city and not Victoria as much), he launches into his story of being in Vancouver, “”I’ve been to Vancouver, smoked some heroin then got on a bus and toured around.”” Huh? What did he say? “”Sorry I am drunk.”” he adds like it is going to make his opening statement sound less strange. Finally, Kieren parts, but not before telling us he just returned from Australia where he was a crack addict male escort. I am sure this guys was totally over sharing and needed a lesson in maybe keeping a few things to himself.

Stopping in Sneem, as we heard they had a homemade ice cream parlour, we decided that we should check out the local bakery and cheese shop. By the time we had finished our selections and were paying, all our ice cream containers were empty. Asking where we could throw them out, the lady behind the counter points to the garbage. Dirk’s dad and I walk over and deposit our trash. Now, Dirk’s dad is very friendly, so says hi to a little old lady and asks if she is enjoying her tea. Her answer was unexpected. “”You know I have to pay to get that garbage picked up? Don’t be putting your garbage in there.”” The daughter, whom is taking my payment, just raisers her voice, “”Mum, their paying customers leave them alone.”” But Mum was on a role and continues to tell my father in law where he should put the garbage. “”Mum! It’s okay they bought some cheese, leave them be!”” We left there laughing, Dirk clutching his garbage, he was not going to piss off mum further.

We are now over in Scotland, enjoy these pictures of Ireland – should have gotten a picture of these two characters!!


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