Power Outage

“The island experienced a power outage on Sunday night, just as we ordered pizza for dinner. Good thing we were not cooking Thanksgiving dinner like several of the neighbours, they were colourfully upset. It was a longer then normal outage that lasted about an hour. It was wide spread, from Victoria to Ladysmith. At one point Dirk had me call over to Vancouver to check how far the outage was covering, I think he was predicting something bigger then it was. Barry was home in with the kids and assured us they had power.

As I was lighting the candles, it triggered a funny scene in Dexter. Not that there are many funny scenes in a series about a CSI serial killer. In this one scene Dexter is having a romantic moment (okay he was screwing this hot brit) when his sister enters his bedroom, there is a good 100 candles burning and exclaims: ‘Dex are you trying to fuck her or light her on fire!!'”


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