Bad Drivers

“Since moving to the coast, I have had my eyes opened to ‘Canada’a Worst Drivers’. I am sure the idea was born out here. I have seen a few amazing driving techniques that will I will share:

One of the first things I noticed after we arrived in Vancouver, was honking. People like to honk out here – maybe that is there way of a saying ‘Hi’. I mean, it was always a friendly double little ‘honk-honk’. After further observation I noted this not a friendly ‘hello’ but pure stupidity. This double honk is the drivers way of stating “”I am not stopping at this red light but flying through so look out!!””

They also have no regards for people in the cross-walks. You are more of a moving obstacle for them, a challenge to get around. You could be halfway through the cross walk and they will cut you off to get where they are going. Maybe it is an emergency and I am just being to hard on these people.

Word of caution when in Victoria, drivers do not always look where they are going. If it wasn’t for Dirk’s quick hand – I would have been a hood ornament the other night. The driver never look our way at all – she never saw us even when she proceeded through the intersection. We now pause longer then usual before crossing.

Stop signs are optional. There is no taking turns – why, that would make too much sense. If the person in front of you has stopped at the sign – you have stopped. You don’t let others go, you just go when the car in front of you goes. To make sure everyone knows they are the idiots and not you – honk and give the finger. It is a more effective approach.”


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