Dirks Vows

“I ad-libbed a bit, but these are the notes I used:

I was the one to suggest that we write our own vows. Soon after I figured I might have gotten myself in over my head. For one thing I think I may have seriously overestimated the odds of me getting through it without breaking down and bawling like a baby. Also, It’s a pretty fundamental question. What do I say to you on this day. I didn’t really know what the right thing would be.

I was thinking about this when I realized I’m pretty lucky you are standing here at all. I’m not the easiest person in the world to live with. What little patience I have can be expended in a moment and then I hurt your feelings. I’m really easy going right up until I’m not, and then I’m really stubborn about the stupidest things. I have trouble telling you how I feel and so am prone to bouts of sulking like a child. Not to mention that you are a very neat and organized person and those are not words you would immediately use to describe me. The more I thought about these things the more I started to wonder if this was really in your best interest. I also discovered that I knew what I wanted to say.

You agreed to stand here today because of some of my personality traits, which you love, and despite a pile of others.

I promise to work on all of the things that define me every day. So the things you love me for, and the things you love me despite will get better. I promise to try and be a better man every day.

I love you.

You’re my girl.


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