Getting Old Sucks…..

My husband  has ‘An Old Man’s Back’ that hurts all the time. I never really thought about how getting old will suck, until yesterday.

I was in the office when I heard a strange voice. ‘What the hell! Did someone just walk into the kitchen off the street?!’ Then I heard a timid little voice, ‘I am lost’. I turned and saw a tiny elderly lady, clearly in her 80’s, wiping her eyes.

‘Where do you live?’

She tells us the name of the her apartment and we explain to her how to get there. This lady was clearly not understanding, but says she does. Off she goes on her walk home, proclaiming the entire time that she can’t believe she is lost and so turned around. I later found out was she actually got off the bus two stops too early, making me wonder why she was out on her own.

I could not get this knot out of my tummy. So I grab one of my servers and off we go after her. We find her at the next corner and still confused. We put her in the truck and go to where google tells us, but she still can’t figure it out. So we drive around until she finally proclaims ‘There it is, I live on the 3rd floor. My husband will be so worried I am so late.’ I help her out of the truck, she thanks us for being so kind and walks into her building.

Once we are back in the car, I look at my employee, ‘Fuck, getting old is going to suck!’


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