Wedding Thanks

“It’s been said that the best judge of a person is their friends. By that measure Michelle and I must be doing something right.

The wedding was a resounding success, both in that a legal union was formed, and that everyone had fun while it did. It’s a shame you can’t get married every year. What a good time. So many of your very favorite people in one place to have a big party, and a big party in which you are the guest of honor. Good food, tender sentiments, love, laughter, and drunken late night dancing. It’s a concoction I’d like to cook up more often.

I was most pleased about a few things:

Everyone had a good time. You are, after all, throwing an expensive party for your loved ones. You want them to have a good time. Thanks and congratulations are expected, but the frequency and fervency of those expressed to me assured me that everyone did indeed have fun.

I wanted a good group hanging in until the very end of the wedding. Getting drinks in bulk at last call. Calling cabs as the staff is turning up the lights and shoving you out the door. Mission accomplished.

The vows were singled out by many as a favorite part of the day. That makes both of us happy. We were a little nervous about the idea of writing our own. We had decided that Michelle would go first to reduce her chances of crying. Even as we came to that arrangement I knew I was doomed to be the one that would struggle. Although I did not disappoint in that area I am please that I managed to get a laugh out of the crowd and make almost every woman cry. The crying was not that hard, but it’s not easy to work a laugh into your wedding vows.

We had a room filled with so many great people who we love for different reasons. Some of whom know one another, but really a lot of islands of people with no specific connection to one another except for Michelle and I. I really hoped to mix those spheres of people up and have some of our groups of friends recognize the beauty in the others. So many people related stories of the wedding that involved telling me how great so and so was, or how much they laughed sitting at their table. That pleased both Michelle and I greatly.

Thanks to everyone who managed to attend. Lots of love from Michelle and Dirk.

Wisdom from the crowd

We had put little cards on the tables at dinner so people could answer a few questions we came up with. I was surprised how many were filled out. They ranged from heartfelt, to funny, to strange. Here they are though. [Editor’s comments in square brackets.]

My favorite part of the wedding was…

  • Your wedding vows.
  • Their vows.
  • Their vows.
  • Their vows.
  • The cupcakes! – Actually it was the heartfelt vows and speeches. [Those cupcakes were amazing though]
  • The ceremony. Beautiful and to the point. – Lisa
  • Filling our the little cards.
  • The ring in the crotch [see The most embarrassing thing section below…]

To keep your sex life exciting remember…

  • Wigs!! – Faye [perhaps the funniest card I read]
  • Don’t get married πŸ™‚
  • Listen and compromise. Ha Ha! [same advise about marriage]
  • To keep reliving your first date
  • Just keep practicing.
  • Shiatsu is more than a message. I am all about the happy finish.
  • Drop your ring into your friend’s husband’s crotch. [see The most embarrassing thing section below…]
  • To keep having sex!! Just because your married doesn’t mean it’s over πŸ™‚
  • Please your partner – la-la-la-na-na! [I have only one decent guess as to what this is all about]
  • To never say someone else’s name in bed!
  • Act like it’s your first time.

The thing I like best about Dirk/Michelle is …

  • Their straight teeth.
  • Dirk is hilarious… & always happy to see me! πŸ™‚ Michelle has great fashion sense… & kisses me when she drinks :).. and I’m a girl!
  • That they are now known by one name apparently: DirkMichelle
  • Their ability to compromise and never to back down when you are right!!!
  • Always Smiles.
  • Their capacity to love unceremoniously, unconditionally, and unequivocally and their lots of fun too!

If I had one piece of advise about marriage it would be …

  • Don’t always try to have the last word… except when you are really really sure you are right! – Ilan
  • Listen and compromise.
  • Don’t ever eat cheezies before performing any trapeze type events. – Dave
  • One separate holiday a year (alone time with the girls)
  • Always have separate bathrooms!
  • Don’t get divorced… on or both of you will lose the BMW.
  • Say something nice to each other every day.
  • Hug & Kiss everyday.
  • Enjoy the bad times as much as the good, they’ll only make it stronger. – Richard
  • Communicate!! Talk lots and never shut doors. – Rob

The secret to a great life is…

  • To make all your ups and downs in the bedroom… or secluded beach, or hike in the mountain, vineyard, etc.
  • Nothing matters outside of the two of you. Keep each other happy. Nothing else matters.
  • Have sex everyday (man answer). Footrubs (woman’s answer)
  • A good wife. Lots of booze!
  • To live it, every moment of it. Appreciate every bit of it. – Danielle
  • Demonstrating the power of now! You know what I’m talkin’ about, Willis!
  • Laughter. Friendship. Respect. Love.
  • Find what you love and focus your energy on that.
  • Communicate, love, trust, and be honest to each other. Love you. – Kim

One of the best times I ever had with Dirk/Michelle was…

  • Sitting around the campfire at Renee and Dennis’ house – all night. Watching you boys get drunk. – Shan
  • Delilah’s [Vancouver restaurant]
  • The Amazing Race at the RenDen.
  • The Martini Social… Wow… good ones!!!
  • Too numerous to mention. Loved the dinners at your house. The ski trip to Fernie (Dirk’s homemade soup) I see a theme here… You both are amazing friends and any time with you is precious for those around you.
  • Every time I’ve spent with them. Even though we only had a few encounters you are both VERY fun. Congrats both of you. – Julie
  • Working with Michelle at Placer Dome

I think you make a great couple because…

  • You know how to make cookies.. and your just simply great together!
  • They look nice together.
  • Your laughs are equally… entertaining.
  • You love each other – That’s all it takes πŸ™‚
  • That they truly love each other
  • Dirk can cook.
  • You’re the glue that keeps the friends together. Always giving and caring for your friends.
  • You complete each other.

I know a lot of completely useless information. For instance…

  • Don’t underestimate chickens that appear in porn… “”Poultry Unplucked””!
  • Dogs and bees smell fear.
  • Use applesauce or yogurt instead of oil in your baking. Maybe NOT in cookies.
  • These cards taste bad! [with a corner of the card missing]
  • Mich has more shoes than Imelda Marcos

This one time, Dirk / Michelle …

  • Flew into SanFran just to see us, and for Scoma’s clam chowda’
  • Dirk took my facebook picture (at retro party)
  • Got married and incited a riot…
  • Was on the bus with the group going to Jasper (Inland) ski trip. I had only worked there for two weeks when Michelle pointed at me and said, “”You’re the one who got my office!””. I was a afraid of her from then on.

The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me went like this…

  • When I dropped my ring onto Jaye’s crotch at your wedding.. yeah Dirk, it’s me.. Marie-eve
  • I went to a Donna’s concert with Dirk and had a great time. [The unabridged version of that story is a little embarrassing]


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