Adding Insult to Injury

It has been 21 days since my BOOM with the car and I am still feeling the effects. I have not slept a full night yet due to the pain in my neck and back. Sitting at a desk all day does not help matters – by the end of the day I am usually in a fair amount of discomfort. One of my injuries is my thumb – this really restricted my orange eating – as it was my peeling hand. Being Christmas, I usually put back my share of ‘Christmas Oranges’.

We have had the car two and a half years. When we purchased it we took the ‘New Car Coverage’ which, if it every was to be written off, we would get our full purchase price back. The adjuster calls to say the car is repairable with only $6000 in damage. If the body shop comes back and it is double, then they will write it off as the car is worth around $17,000. Well, it came back at more then double his estimate. They are fixing the car – it is a rip off to take the coverage as they won’t pay it.

To add insult to injury – I was pulled over by the police in my shitty courtesy car. There was no insurance on the car and the officer noticed this by the lack the tags. I was able to talk my way out of the ticket.

What a cluster fuck this entire situation is!!


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