Six Foot Teletubbie

I like to listen to the radio when I drive to work in the morning. I find the humour gets me in the right mood before my 8 hour day. Today, I heard the most ridiculous announcement that I could not wait to share.

Victoria is a tourist town – most businesses are in the service industry and geared to the masses that start arriving  in May each year and continue to arrive until the middle of October. One hotel announced it is going to take their service one step further. The Holiday Inn is  now offering ‘bed warming’. Yes, bed warming. This entails a person showing up at your room wearing a head to toe flannel suit and laying in your bed until a thermometer they are wearing reaches 68 F (20 C).

So, you open the door to a six foot teletubbie who will then lay in your bed so it is warm for you. What do you do while they are laying in your bed? Shower? Make uncomfortable small talk?

‘Your not a Teletubbie!””‘
‘No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.’


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