Saying good-bye

Toulouse used all nine of his lives and he used him well. From being lost outside during an Edmonton winter with a broken leg for 4 months, to being told he only had 3 weeks to live and lasted another 4 years.

My husband wrote an amazing post when our dog Mya passed away describing the pain and heartbreak one goes through to get to this decision, then to follow through. Two months ago, the doctor informed us that this was the end, Toulouse was only going to get worse. The cancer had now spread into his blood, his heart was failing quickly, and he could no longer digest food. They recommended we take him home and wait. After much discussion we realized the only one we were making happy were ourselves. We have done this three times before and each time we waited too long and our pets were suffering. Although this was the hardest choice I have made in a longtime – I know he is now happy and no longer suffering.

Rest in Peace My Friend
Toulouse LeBlanc Britton
November 11, 1996 to August 23, 2010


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