The wait is over – today I  wake up early and go to the lab for a blood test. I plan to be the first person there. I get up a 7:30 am to be there for 8 am. To my surprise the place is packed with more grey hairs then seniors day at the grocery store. I take a number and try to wait patiently for my turn. These 12 days have been so hard and I just want the results. My turn comes and the blood is drawn. In my anxisous state I ask how long to process and fax the results over to my doctor. The lady tells me that the van to take the samples to the main lab for processing does not even arrive until 10 am – so it will be late afternoon until I get my results.

When I get home I relay these details to Dirk. He wants me to call the centre to ensure they call us stat with the results – the clinical coordinator promises she will. It is 12:30 pm when the call comes – she is sorry to report that the results are negative. This time I know better then to question the results. There is no need to pee on the stick to confirm.

BFN – Big Fat Negative.


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