Hitting Snooze on the Biological Clock

It has been a difficult week struggling with the reality that there maybe something more wrong with me then just my age. We were thinking this process would be easy – one round and we are pregnant. This is just a technical difficulty due to a hasty decision to get a vasectomy – we got this nailed. Besides, the women in my family smell sperm a mile away and get pregnant!

Today, we met with the doctor. The news is still very positive, we have exceptional embryo’s, especially at my age.  This leads him to conclude a couple of options: a) We were just beaten by the odds or b) I have an over active immune system that is not allowing the embryo’s to implant.

With eight frozen embryo’s, the decision is made that this round will be a frozen embryo transfer (FET) which will be much easier on my body. There will be no fertility drugs, but I will be taking the estrogen and progesterone to prepare. As you recall from my previous blog, this is where crap gets messy. Finally, they will introduce a steroid and a blood thinner to ensure my immune system gives these embryo’s a fighting chance.

I leave the doctor’s office armed with literature on the FET process and a requisition for a few more tests. I feel great, like we keep hitting snooze on my biological clock.


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