Kick Me

My husband Dirk posted a blog regarding his extremely poor memory. Yesterday I got to experience – something – not sure what to call it.

While helping Dirk prepare dinner, I was asked to cut a lemon in half for him. I grabbed the lemon, split it in two and handed him half. I then noticed the little sticker that the grocery clerk uses to id the produce. In my usually manner, I removed the sticker and promptly suck it to Dirk’s ear. I then finished what I was doing and moved on to another task in another part of the house. An hour must have past when Dirk yells from upstairs – in my alarm I run to the stairs to see if he is okay. While looking in the mirror, he noticed something on his ear and was alarmed to find a sticker. I actually stood there looking at him dumbfounded. He had no idea how it got there or how long he had been wondering the house with it on. In his alarm, he was worried that he had gone jogging with it on.

I am not sure what to say – it was not a sneak attach like I was placing a ‘kick me’ sign on his back without him knowing. I walked over and stuck it to his ear, giggled, then continued what I was doing. I am sure glad he’s good-looking.


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