Hey wait a minute Mr. Postman…

This past Sunday, Dirk and I went over to Vancouver for the night. Since our usual dog sitter was unavailable, we drop our dog off at my mom’s place. Monday morning I called to see how she and our dog were getting along, here is our conversation;

Me: Hi Mom, how is everything going with Mya?

Mom: Good, she has been enjoying running from the front door to the back door barking at the passing neighbours.

Me: Yes, you definitely feel safe when she is in the house.

Mom: I know, I opened the front door on purpose so she could bark at the mail lady, she is a real bitch. I was in the my bedroom when she walked up the front step. She barely had the mail in the box when Mya started to bark, scared the shit right out of her. I was in the bedroom just killing myself laughing.

Me: Huh?

At this point I hung up and ran into the hotel bathroom to tell Dirk the story. That prompted a follow up phone call later, as we could still not understand how she came to hate the mail lady. We had questions; Did the mail lady fold her mail? Did she get the mail wet one too many times? We rarely see our mail lady, so how did this happen. Here is the condensed version of why…….she walks on my mom’s lawn.


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