Reduce Challenge…Day 9

We are doing a 30 day ‘Reduce’ Challenge, the main idea is to become more eco-friendly. I got the idea from a news clip I saw on TV about a couple that is doing a 365 day challenge to reduce waste. They do not buy clothing; they make their own bread and yogurt; they even take there own containers to the grocery store to purchase meat.

To reduce waste, we have now purchased a compost, it is very slick. Once the activator is put in (that is a fancy word for manure), you simply add the food and give it a good spin. The main area we, well, Dirk and my niece Nicole, needs to improve on is actually composting – I seem to spend a little too much time sorting through the garbage – pulling out items to be recycled or composted. It is actually really gross. I even found a fork in the garbage – how did they think that was an item to be thrown out?!

BUT, with that being said, we have yet to throw out the household garbage, with all bins being less then half filled.

NOTE: For those that are partaking in the challenge, please post your comments below so I know how you are doing – maybe someone has a great idea to share.


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