Monkey Business

Traveling in different countries, there are always new things to see and explore. Cultures are different, habits are different, food is different. You learn to adjust, accept the changes and enjoy the experience.

It is now our third week into our trip to Asia. After adjusting to the heat and the intensity of a Balinese Massage, we headed to Southern Bali for a week at a great resort for pure relaxation.

Upon arrival we were greeted with a cool cloth that smelt like heaven, followed by a refreshing beverage. The checkin process was seamless and pleasant, with a final warning. “Don’t Leave Anything Out for the Monkeys.””

<Got it – feeding monkeys bad.

The first night, while walking to the restaurant, monkeys were climbing walls and sitting on roofs. Nothing too exciting, but I have never seen a monkey in the wild.

The second day, walking back to the villa, the male walked right in front of me. Again, nothing to exciting, but still cool.

It was’t until the fifth day that we saw monkey’s again. I turned my head to see them playing by the pool in the villa next door. We watched for a while in awe. There wasn't too much difference with them as compared to us in a daily routine. Let the kids play until they are fucking exhausted and put them to bed.

They were jumping, wrestling, climbing, and what to appear as laughing together. All under the watchful eye of the adults. This went on for a longtime – moving from villa to villa. We sat and watched as they played in the neighbouring tub – climbing the outdoor curtains. Finally, as dusk hit, the adults gathered the kids and off they went.

On our last day, still on the monkey high from the previous day. We came home to a yard full of monkeys. Dirk went around the side of the villa to snap a few pictures. I walk out from the side deck to watch as well. It was not until two ran by me that I followed their route, right into the villa.

In a panic, I yelled at Dirk – ‘Monkeys in the Villa’ – by the time I entered – four were sitting on the dinning table eating all they could. Another four or five ran past me. Dirk came in and started to shoe them away – they grabbed as much food as possible and ran out the door. The last little fucker taking my chocolate bar I just purchased.

With the doors closed and the monkeys outside I felt relief. Until I spotted a baby in the corner. Then shit got real. It started to freak, I started to freak, monkey’s outside started to freak. No matter what we tried the little one would not go to the open door.

I don’t really blame him – there where very large animals throwing themselves at the windows. It was pretty fucking scary. The mother started to lose her shit, but a male took her down. Not sure if he was trying to calm her or if she was like me. Freaking out and not helping the situation.

While Dirk was trying his monkey whispering, I decided to call the number given in case we got monkey’s in the villa. Soon two security guards showed up. Sticks in hand and within seconds the monkeys outside were gone, well, mostly. We showed them the poor baby crying and frightened. The monkeys were still outside, watching intently for the slightest moment to enter again. It was close, the security left a door open and a male tried to enter.

There was climbing, stick waving, phone calls, bigger sticks, then poof the baby was gone. All the monkeys were gone. After discussion in a language I could not follow, they turned and stated: ‘Monkey Gone’. I sat there thinking, where the fuck did it go? And if it got out, can’t the rest of the angry mob get in? They seemed sure everything was fine.

I am still not sure how the baby got out or if the monkey’s will stalk us the rest of our stay, but we got back from the beach, someone shit on our porch.

Check out these photo’s of Bali – okay off to Malaysia.

 Travel Tip:

Before you reach your travel destination, ensure you know if you can drink the water or not. That means you will need bottled water to even brush your teeth or have a cup of tea. Bottled water in most countries is cheap and some places provide a couple free bottles at the start.


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