Just Another Large City

Singapore is a city that will ease you into Asian culture, but in the end it is just like a large North American city. The first thing I saw after getting off the plane was Starbucks, Burger King and Popeye’s. This was not what I was hoping and felt disappointed that we flew 18 hours and could not get away from the fast food crap of back home.

Singapore has been rated the most expensive city in the world. I agreed. A pint of beer runs around $18CAD and you only get 16 ounces, not the traditional 20 ounces. On our last night, Dirk and I sat along the Singapore River and each consumed two glasses of wine. This amounted to $65CAD, on the up side it was still cheaper then buying the bottle.

Our first night out we got a little hoodwinked. People stand outside their respective establishments trying to get you to come and eat. ‘Look at my menu. you like chicken?’ That night we spent $60CAD on a pretty good meal, but in Asia, that’s costly.

By the next day we had our shit together. We had spent time figuring out where not to get ripped off and where the best food was. We found two very good, but very busy Food Markets. Trying to decide what to eat was easy, go to the place with the longest line. Chicken and Rice was the most popular dish, so of course we tried it. Not too bad, even a very picky eater would like this. The meal was only $3CAD.

It is also one of the cleanest cities I have visited. There are laws against, littering, spitting, and chewing gum. All in the hopes of ensuring a cleaner and disease free environment. I know that most cities have by-laws, but these are strictly enforced. Camera’s are found in all areas of the city, if you litter, they will find you even if it is two hours later and issue a fine.

Getting used to the heat took a few days. Our first few days of touring the city in 33C weather was a little intense. After walking for a few hours in the heat, we decided to learn the train system to ensure we were getting some relief from the heat. Touring the Gardens by the Sea, I was getting so over heated, I was not looking at any of the surroundings, only a spot where I could hide in the shade. By the time we left Singapore, I thought the days were cooler, but it ended up it was the same temperature, I was just adjusting.

I am a tall buxom female in Singapore. I am also exotic with the tattoo. Dirk and I had several discussion about our friends that are taller and have larger breasts then me – they would be royalty in this town. Even walking by Hooters, yes Hooters, we had a chuckle at the Asian girls that qualified.

In the end we were happy to have stopped in Singapore, but as I said before, it really is just another large city.

Click here if you want to see pictures of Singapore.

Travel Tip:

Shoes are the hardest part of packing. Each person should have a pair of runners if you are going hiking or, of course, you are going running. Sandals are important in warmer climates, plus maybe one more pair of nice shoes for going out. I prefer flats as they pack up nicer and are more comfortable. In colder climates,  I would skip the sandals/flats and take blundstone boots, they are made for walking and warmth. Plus, they have the bonus of being very fashionable for casual nights out.


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