Pill Monster

To do a Frozen Embryo Transfer, one first needs to have ideal conditions, that is, the oven has to be completely preheated prior to any baking. For us, the preparation started back on October 15th. This was 21 days after my last period plus after I had ovulated. We started with a single shot a day to suppress any further egg making process.  Then, four days after my period started, I began to take Estrace tablets twice daily for two weeks. This was easy, and as I stated in my prior post, sometimes too easy that we forgot we were doing anything.

Today, I received my next steps for our preparation for transfer on Wednesday. It is insane and I can not remember half the time what the hell I need to do and when. After deciphering the clinical coordinators notes and coming up with the timetable, I read this out to Dirk, he started to glaze over;

My process now starts at 6 am with a shot of Heparin (blood thinner), Estrace tablets (estrogen) and Prometrium tablets (progesterone). This is closely followed by a baby aspirin, prenatal vitamin, antibiotics, Vitamin D (2 tablets), and Calcium (3 tablets). At 2 pm I need to take Estrace and Prometrium. At 6 pm Heparin and Prometrium. At dinner another antibiotic and prenatal vitamin. Finally, at 10 pm my last daily dose of Estrace and Prometrium.

We need to create a daily schedule or we will miss something. Now, we have alarms set and each time it rings we look at the schedule and cross off what drugs we are to administer. I feel like a pill monster.


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