Seriously, WTF!!!

It is a beautiful Saturday morning – I get up early to run to the clinic before going to pick up my friend Renata for a trip to Costco. As most of my close friends know, I am not a morning person, so while standing on me front porch locking the door – it takes a moment to sink in what I am starring at.

Where the fuck did my fence go!!

I walk back in the house and yell to Dirk upstairs;

M: “”Dirk, the fence is gone.””
D: “”What do you mean gone?””
M: “”As in not there anymore.””

I then walk over to investigate – it is hanging in the neighbours yard – the metal post is bent in half – it took a lot of force to pull this over. First, the gate was ripped off the hinges a few months back – now this. I am still in WTF mode.

Update: It is now Thursday morning and I am lying in bed listening to a repetitive dull thumping. I am usually at work, so these sounds of people working away are new to me. Wait – what are they working on? I peek out the window – two men are replacing the fence – cool!! Wait – are they just banging back on the broken piece of shit that fell off? Yes they are. I am torn – do we tell them we’d rather have a nice new fence or let them continue to do all the work fixing the old. We are sticking with the old fence for now.


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