Short Shorts

There were several little stories I felt were too brief to make a single post, so I have decided to put these short stories here.

Awkward Entrance

The hotel we stayed in Singapore had a poster in the elevator for 20% off drinks in the lounge. One night Dirk and I decided that we would take them up on the offer. Getting into the elevator with an older gentlemen, we pushed the 2 floor button. He looks over at me and asks if we are sure we want the second floor. We think this is strange, until the doors open. In front of us are head shots of pretty Asian girls. At this point I am not sure what we are walking into, but proceed into the lounge. It was like time stopped, or for that matter, everyone in the bar. They all turned to stared at us. Women all dressed in evening gowns were singing, dancing, and entertaining men on plush couches. After a moment of awkward silence, we turn and leave. In the elevator I turn to Dirk, ‘I guess we know what the old guy was getting at now.’

Level Of Love

Laying in bed one morning I turned to Dirk and asked, ‘Who do you think loves each other more?’ Dirk was not following what I was talking about so I explained, ‘Like do I love you more or do you think you love me more?’ He responded that he thought we love each other equally. After a brief moment I added, ‘Well, I certainly put up with more.’

The German Chilean

It was Saturday night in Penang, so we thought a drink at a local pub was in order. Looking at the menu I decided on a nice glass of white wine to beat the heat. The waiter was insistent that I order a bottle. ‘But, I don’t want a bottle, just a glass.’ He convinced me that it was cheaper and what I did not drink I could take with me. Besides its a very nice German wine. The wine arrives, my glass is poured. As the waiter walks away, I comment to Dirk that I am pretty sure the Santa Carolina is not a German wine.

Hot As Balls

Sitting at a cafe, I turn to Dirk. ‘Man, it so hot I am sweating my balls off.’ Dirk looks at me strangely and says, ‘You don’t have balls.’ I responded immediately with, ‘See, that’s how hot it is.’

Travel Tip:

Dirk has been pushing me to add a tip about using Evernote. This tool helps you stay organized and can be shared amongst fellow travellers. We use it to track everything we are doing: our hotel bookings, airplane tickets, bus travel, maps, checklists. All of these are synced between each of our devices automatically. Just ensure if you add something on one device you sync it before the guy at the airport wants the correct address and you don’t have an internet connection.




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