The Ladies of Beauxbatons Academy

Over these last four months we have been in thirteen separate airports. Each of these airports are the same in many ways.

Same grande entrance to the same high ceilings and the same modern designs. Same checkin and baggage counters. Same long lines to get through security. Once past security, the same flurry of shops, bars, cafes and duty free stores faces you. Each with the same unreasonably high prices for inedibly small portions of food.

Same moving walkways. Same waiting areas at each of the gates. Same amount of construction ‘to improve your travel experience’.

There was something that did stand out. The Flight Crews. In Asia, they flowed through the airports like the lovely ‘The Ladies of Beauxbatons Academy’. Prefect make up, hair and uniforms. Uniforms are elegant and flattering. They exuded class, beauty, and grace. They seemed to float as they walked pass you.

Dirk comments, “”It would be nice if in Canada they’d stop dressing our crews in ugly uniforms made for men.””

I stare after the crew, then looked down at myself wearing the same clothes I did yesterday, I have no make-up on and my hair which is due for a wash is tied in a messy top knot. I guess I am going to have to pick up my game when flying if they are full of Fleur Delacours.

Travel Tip:

I always recommend that you do ‘web check-in’ when flying. During this trip we have had great luck at surpassing very long lines. Cruise right by everyone to simply drop off our bags. You can also pick your seat, ensuring you get the window and your partner gets the middle seat. It works out perfectly. It also has the added advantage of ensuring they know you are coming, even when you are stuck in traffic or delayed since you don’t have a ticket proving you are leaving the country in 30 days.


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