The Interview

After Seven Countries, Twenty-Eight Cities, Seventeen Airports, I hope this answers everyone’s questions.

Q: What was your favourite Country in S.E. Asia?

I have come to realize that each of these countries are very much the same. There are slight differences in religion and culture, but for the most part they are the same. They all eat rice and noodles, drink shit beer, they all sell the same shit from China and they all drive scooters.

So I would have to pick Bali, Indonesia as it was our first country and everything was so new. Although, Cambodia did have the friendliest people of all the countries.

Q: What was your least favourite Country in S.E. Asia?

Each country was new and exciting, but I would have to say Malaysia. I can’t put my finger on why. I have even asked Dirk why he felt the same way. I think it came down to some silly reasons. One being, the internet in Malaysia was terrible – sucked pretty bad.

Q: When you think of Asia, what stands out the most for you?

I am a clean person. If I was a superhero I would be ‘Krystal Klean’ – ensuring all garbage is disposed of properly in my wake.

Asia is a fucking pig sty.

I have never seen so much garbage and disrespect for the planet as I have seen in Asia. I understand these are families in poverty, but living in one’s own garbage makes no sense to me.

Driving along in a van, our host opens the window and just tosses his empty water bottle out. WTF! Standing waiting for a train, I observe a women eating fruit. She is peeling each with her teeth and just spiting the skins onto the platform. By the time she is done, she is standing in a puddle of her fruit skins and seeds.

I saw no signs of a government program for garbage or recycling collection. No fines for littering, spitting or pissing on the streets. I am thinking there is a big business opportunity here!!

Q: Which country had the best food?

Although, Vietnam was the only place that ripped us off, the food made up for it. I had the best meals there over any other place we have been.

Q: Were there any interesting people you met along the way?

Met an Aussie guy that asked us where we were from. Once he heard ‘Canada’, he mentioned he was not interested is visiting a country where you can’t say ‘cunt’. He was awesome!! Here is the link to the song he told us about.

On a scooter night tour, our three guides were university students taking business and tourism. Running the tour company was a project to help them learn English. We are all chatting talking about where we are from and what we do. This tiny little guide starts to speak, he tells us he has not seen his father in three years. His father was a fisherman that just didn’t come home one day. Both Dirk and I will never forget him.

Again on a night scooter tour, which by the way, is the best way to see a city. They take you to places tourist never go. Anyways, another of the operators had only been in the city a year. He came from a small village of 600 people. His family wanted more for him, so work hard to get him out of the village and into the city. At the bar he told us he had never been to one before and ask if we had ever been to one. He said he was very lucky as he was the only one from his village ever to leave. Yikes!!

Q: Would you go back to Asia again?

Yes, we weren’t able to do and see all the places we wanted. Plus at the start, we were not very good travellers. Some places we stayed too long, while others we didn’t stay long enough.

Here are the final pictures of Thailand.

Travel Tip:

Travelling you need to be smart. Don’t let every person suck you in. We read trip advisor and lonely planet to help us understand local scams. For instance, that the lady begging for formula has an arrangement with the local grocery. You buy the formula – she returns it for cash. 

Know your prices before you buy. When you negotiate a price, ensure it is clear. Sales people in all these countries are very pushy – they will see you coming. Stay strong and try not to engage them if you are not really interested.


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