Shut up and drink the kool-aid!

As most of you know, Dirk and I have been living on Vancouver Island for the past year. This island is full of beauty that at times, takes my breath away. The ocean is only two blocks from our home, and across the water a short distance is the majestic mountains.

While driving over one mountain to my inlaws home for dinner, I notice the sign that stated ‘Salmon Run’. I have heard how amazing this event was, I promply told my husband we needed to stop. This event really pointed out that I am a complete city girl and had no clue what it really was.

It started out okay – seeing the salmon swimming and frolicking in the shallow slow moving water. I then started to notice a dead salmon here or there. We walked a little further, and two more dead salmon, then another and another. WTF, I think. Then the smell started to bother me. Dirk then states: “”Hey, look at that one, he is settling in to die.”” WTF, I think again.

So here is the thing: The males fight for the right to fertilize the female eggs. The females batter their bodies as they dig holes to lay eggs. After they are spent, their carcasses lie rotting along the riverbanks, providing food for scavenging birds and bears.

Yeah, apparently they all drink kool-aid after sex rather then just have a healthy cigarette.


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