What are you 3 years old?!

Our friends Autumn and Allan came for a visit, and had this cool duffel bag that could be wheeled or carried as a backpack. Yesterday we were at MEC and found something very close. As I was examining the bag – I needed to test the wheels. I rolled the bag back and fourth a few times – then over Dirk’s toes. He proceeded to kick me in the knee. “”What the hell was that for? That hurt!!”” I exclaim. “”Yeah, well, so did rolling the bag into my toe.”” Dirk replied. “”Well you could of said that and I would have apologize for hurting you, you didn’t need to act like a three year old and kick me.”” I stated.

Later that evening, Dirk grabbed me from behind a littler rougher then I would of like. I turned around and kicked him in the knee.


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