Suitcase Creep

One of the many tasks needed when travelling for 8 months is packing. It isn’t just throwing your life in a bag and hoping you brought enough underwear. It takes planning and a few tears.

We decided to rent our place as a vacation rental. There were many reasons for this, the obvious was to have income while we travel. Another reason was to simplify the packing process by not having to pay for storage of our entire home. What really sold us on the vacation rental was having someone fully invested in taking care of our home while we were away. Hiring a rental company meant that they would ensure if a pipe burst in the middle of the night, they are there to handle the repair. This peace of mind is a no brainer when you are on the other side of the globe.

But holy shit, getting a house ready for executive rental is a whole other ball game, let me tell you. There are rules (they say requirements – I say rules). Number of towels – colour of towels. Number of sheet sets per bed. Number of plates, forks, knives & spoons. The list was endless. We even needed a coffee maker! I have never been to the store that many times in such a short period.

The purging was tiring, but releasing. You know how much crap the average person hordes? Well, neither do I, but I am sure it is a lot. We had stuff we had been carrying around for over 9 years. I guess I was hoping for the day that I might get serious about the candle making kit and turn it into a full time career. Clothing was visited and revisited. Items were donated, while other items were sold.

On the flight from Phoenix in January, I saw an ad about ‘packing cubes‘ and how it helped with ‘suitcase creep‘. I was immediately sold – organization for travel – I’m giddy. Plus, I also go bonkers when my suitcase gets messy and it ends up across two thirds of the room. I needed these. So the next week was spend searching, comparing, and finally purchasing. Dirk was sceptical.

During our day of packing, I neatly folded and rolled all the chosen garments into my cubes. Pants and shorts in one. Tops and tanks in another. Wow, I have 8 of the cutest and organized cubes staring right at me and they all fit into my bag perfectly……

…….but Shit, I can’t lift my bag.

It weighs too much. My first thought was, maybe Dirk will carry my bag and I carry his little bag. It was quickly followed up with, better not chance that, so I go find a smaller bag. Purge the my clothes, and hand Dirk two empty cubes. So now I have 6 of the cutest cubes staring at me, neatly organized in my smaller bag that I can carry.

Travel Tip:

Packing is always the tricky part of any travel plans. How many shoes, pants, shorts, shirts, and underwear to bring overwhelms travellers that are moving around frequently. Remember, people around the world dress like us. So travel with jean, shorts, and lightweight shirts. There is always somewhere to do laundry, but no one knows you so you can wear the same thing over and over. Just pack what you would wear at home, then cut it down by half.


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