The Old Ball and Train

Starting a trip is always so exciting, but starting with a trip to the emergency is even more so.

We have been planning our big vacation for  months. But, the day to finally get on the ferry to Seattle did not seem like we started this ‘big trip’. I think it had to do with the fact we have been to Seattle three previous times. We even ended up going to the same restaurant we have been to each visit, ‘Purple‘.

Dirk and I were questioning when this feeling of vacation going to start. I would say the next day during lunch.

Dirk was experiencing pain in his male region, enough that he turned to me and asked where I thought the closest emergency was. Now, I am freaked out. Dirk is the last person to ever go see a doctor. We end up calling the closest clinic. They sent us to something called ‘Urgent Care’. While Dirk was checking in, I am on the phone with our travellers insurance company. Just as I am being told this facility is not covered by our insurance, Dirk comes over to say they want us to go to another hospital, which coincidentally is the same one the insurance company is asking us to go too.

Once there, he is immediately looked at by amazing staff. I also quickly note that this place has no hospital smell, so I like it already.

The entire time we are at the hospital, it is slowly getting closer to our train departure time to Portland. We, well Dirk, devises a plan for me to run and get our bags from the hotel so we can go immediately to the train station. Getting to the hotel was easy and quick, but walking back, was uphill the entire way. Steep uphill walking carrying both our packs, my legs were jelly by the time I got back.

Once I get back, all the tests have returned and he is good to go. Everything is fine, total clean bill of health. Just some  random mystery scrotum pain that will be eased with Advil. We end up back at the hotel to get a cab. Never needed to kill myself carrying those damn bags.

Dirk had wanted to kill time in Seattle before our train left, so goal accomplished. We arrive at the train station at the exact right time, we are off to a city we have never seen.

Now I feel we have started our adventure.

Travel Tip:

Ensure you have travellers insurance. Never say to yourself: ‘I never get sick’ or ‘I never go to the doctor’. This is not a chance you want to take, especially outside of Canada. Insurance is not expensive and will give you piece of mind.  Most benefit plans have travel insurance, but ensure you call first before you leave. You need to make sure what they actually cover, how long you can be out of the country, and how to report a medical incident. Make sure you read the fine print.


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